Floral Vines Hand Painted Necklace


Inspired by the intricate designs on the pure silk saris my mom wore when i was growing up this piece of clear glass 25 x 50 mm rounded rectangular clear glass cabochon, is hand painted with the delicate floral vines and glued to gold plated Aanaraku pendant bail.

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The pendant can be customized with a gold plated freshwater pearl beaded chain. Choose the necklace from the options for an additional cost.
All hand painted jewelry is allowed to dry for 48 hours, fired at 300 degrees F and coated with Art Resin to protect the painting.
After firing, the hand painted cabochon is coated with Art Resin and allowed to cure for 72 hours before gluing Anaraku Bails and after 24 hours the pendant is ready to wear. Each pendant includes a gold plated brass snake chain.
Each piece is individually hand painted so it is unique and one of a kind.
We can work together a custom design specially for you.
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