About Sarita

I was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Belgaum in India, I moved to Chicago 16 years ago and now live in Skokie, IL with my husband Salil, my kids Varun and Riya and my kitty babies – Cloud and Lightning.

I’ve been experimenting with colors and different materials and mediums my whole life. I love wandering and getting lost in the beauty of nature and take much of my inspiration from the vibrant colors and texture that nature shares with us all. I love working with watercolors and acrylics and once had a boutique back home in India, (yes, I designed clothes too). I earned my Bachelors in Accounting and PG in Business Management before I went to Art School. After moving to USA, I explored using glass paints and began creating hand painted glassware and wall art, this led to my accidental love for creating hand painted glass jewelry. Meanwhile I also created mosaics for fun, next on my list is glass blowing and metalsmithing.

My love for life, nature, color and texture takes me on an inspiring journey, it helps me to breathe life into vibrant and unique pieces of jewelry where I can articulate my passion for my work. I aim to pass this passion and energy onto you when you wear a piece of Sarita Kamat Designs jewelry.

Using the amazing combinations of Swarovski, crystals, gemstones, pearls, wires, glass & paints, I can express things far better in color, texture and shapes than I could ever do with words.

I elevate themes and colors into works of wearable art that are timeless. I am very passionate about my work and transform clear glass pieces into a piece of jewelry that will speak to you. The simplicity, elegant and timeless creations will be something you’ll want to pass on to the next generation.

I aim to touch your soul with my creations and hope you make the jewelry from Sarita Kamat Designs your new favorite thing.

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