About Sarita

Art has always been my true calling—I’ve been experimenting with colors and an array of materials and mediums my whole life. I especially love working with watercolors and acrylics. Back home in India, I initially pursued accounting and business management, before going to Art School and from there—running a boutique. After moving to the USA, I explored glass paints and began creating hand painted glassware and wall art. This led to my accidental love for creating hand painted glass jewellery.

Growing up in the beautiful city of Belgaum (India) and finding inspiration in nature has contributed to my love for life, color and texture. It enables me to breathe life into vibrant and unique pieces of jewellery where I can articulate my passion for my work. By elevating themes and colours into wearable art; and experimenting with beautiful combinations of crystals, gemstones, pearls, wires, glass & paints, I wish to create jewellery that will speak to you, and touch your soul.


I believe art and design have so much to offer each of us. I aim to pass this passion and energy on to you and create our very own mosaic of art and life. Handcrafted with joy and emotion, I hope you will be able to find a piece of Sarita Kamat Designs jewellery that calls out to you, and make it uniquely yours.

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